Monday, March 25


Exodus 18:1-12

“Moses told his father-in-law about everything the Lord had done…for Israel’s sake an …how the Lord had saved them.” Exodus 18:8

Karin Krachova had never heard the gospel, having grown up under communism. One day in 1995, however, she overheard some Christian students at her university describe how God had protected them and their families during the Communist years. As Karin listened, she began to wonder if there really might be a God. Months later, through her friendship with these students, Karin became a Christian herself.

After hearing what the Lord had done for Moses and the people of Israel, Jethro took Moses’ wife and two children to reunite with Moses. Moses then seized the opportunity to tell Jethro more of the good deeds of the Lord to him and Israel. His report covers both the period of hardship and how the Lord delivered the Israelites from the Egyptians with a mighty hand. Jethro couldn’t hold back his joy; he rejoiced for the miracles, and thereafter responded to God’s goodness in worship, offering sacrifices to the God of Israel. What do you consider the most interesting gist you will like to share with family and friends, at a reunion or a get-together? Every opportunity we have to interact with people should be maximised to tell of God’s goodness and deliverance in our lives. The gospel is worth sharing and telling others of the loving deeds of the God we serve is one way of sharing it.

• Birthday Blessing: “…whosoever shall gather together against thee shall fall for thy sake-” Isa. 54:15

RBT Passage: 1 Samuel 13-14

The gospel message is dependable and worth sharing. –XB

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