Wednesday, June 13


Exodus 20:12; Deuteronomy 5:16

“Honour your father and mother, so that you may live long in the land the LORD your God is giving you”. Exodus 20:12

Many people think that parenting is all about fathering a child or birthing a child. The truth is that parenting goes beyond what our eyes have seen. It involves several sacrifices that we will never be able to understand until we become parents. It is from our parent that we are given the privilege of life. From their lives we have the opportunity to also experience life. God is instructing us today to appreciate the lives we have received from our parents by honouring them. To honour our parents means to give them respect, admiration, regard, reverence and devotion or to esteem, exalt, and treat them with dignity. This instruction is attached to the promise of long life and prosperity.

If we desire to live long and live well in this world, then we must learn how to honour our parents. We must give respect to our father and our mother, as well as everyone that is older than us. This instruction is not attached to how they have treated us. This means that it does not matter what you have gone through in the hands of your parents. Even if they have maltreated you, you can ask God for the grace to honour them so that you can partake of the blessings attached to this instruction.

  • Birthday Blessing: “The Lord your God has increased your numbers so that today you are as many as the stars in the sky.” Deuteronomy 1:10

RBT Passage: Deut. 18; Psalms 105; Isaiah 45; Rev. 15.

“Being included in God’s family is the highest honour and the greatest privilege you will ever receive.” –Rick Warren

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